Monday, November 19, 2012

Industry Outlook: Technology Driven Jobs Growth

The Department of Labor names the Service Sector as one of the top five industries that will drive the economy over the next 6 years, out pacing all other industries According to a recent Bureau of Statistics Report, the service sector employs approximately 112.8 million people. Given the continuous advancements of technology, technology related occupations are expected to grow 25.9%, while the service sector (including project management and consulting) will be the driving force in the economic growth through 2018. It is no surprise that the demand for IT consulting and system upgrades will foster increased business, driven solely by the face-paced changes in technology.

This is really good news for a wide range of career paths particularly; project managers, IT consultants, and risk analysts, network security specialists, developers, corporate trainers and recruiters. The Industry Outlook page indicates the Department of Labor anticipates 18 percent growth in the IT management and consulting services through 2020, out pacing all other occupations by 4 percent.

The Department of Labor Industry Outlook page indicates that the service sector will be accountable for employing as many as 131 million people between now and 2018. In their Industry Outlook Report issued the second quarter of this year, the Department of Labor points out that technological consulting services will be among the fastest growing sectors for professional and technical workers. To further support the positive outlook for IT and related Management and Service sectors, a Plunkett Research Report issued earlier this year, reiterated the projected 18 percent growth for the aforementioned industries. Like a super heroe, Technology will impact the overall business community as it continues to drive change, demand and thus economic recovery.

Small and mid-size organizations struggle to keep up with advancements that influence their ability to remain competitive as the market place transforms. For this reason globalization and express technology advancements foster new opportunities for IT consultant firms (Deloitte, 2012). Industry and Occupational Outlook data can be found at US Department of Labor website

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