Monday, October 3, 2011

Job Stability & Economic Recovery May be a Long Way Away

The economic uncertainly is beginning to take root, and override any hope we may have had for a full economic recovery. Consumer confidence is at its lowest levels in two years, while corporations sit on their cash. The global financial discord is helping to fuel the fluctuating uncertainly. For the most part, the fiscal and monetary policies implemented to stimulate the economy have been lack luster. The high priced stimulus packages have fizzled out, amounting to inadequate results. What the average American doesn’t know is that these same programs would have worked famously under different economic circumstances.
The Financial crisis in the US and around the world, is far deeper than first realized. Neither the Bush Administration nor the Obama Administration were prepared for what we are facing today. The republicans can use the market fears and crawling economy for their political gain, but I dare say that NO Chief Executive in the white house, Democrat, or Republican, Black or White, would have gotten the U.S. economy moving any faster. What’s worse is that none of the world leaders appear to be willing to admit to their constituents or the world how bad finances are in their country. If the world leaders are not being completely transparent about the extent of their country’s fiscal troubles, we may never really know the depth of the financial crisis, or the optimal approach to repairing it.

Many of the economic indicators appear to be slightly off kilter, and the market seems disconnected to what's going on - particularly when you consider that corporations are reporting historically high profits for this year. All the while, Capitalism is struggling to save face, with an obscene number of fraud investigations and trading scandals coming out of the woodwork. It makes one wonder if capitalism and greed come as a two-for-one package deal, or if it's actually possible to have the presence of capitalism in a low percentage of fraud. The good news is we're not the only continent on the planet threatened with financial discord. The bad news is, we’re not the only continent on the planet threatened with financial discord. This is a complex, unprecedented situation we’re have here. In essence we have a global recession on steroids, so it’s going to take a combination of high octane, super powered fiscal and monetary programs to get the U.S. economy off life support.

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K. Reilly
The Cohn-Reilly Report

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