Friday, September 4, 2009

The Long Awaited Blog Makes Its Debut!

Welcome to Cohn-Reilly Report
This site is authored by Charlie Cohn and Katherine Reilly, who have worked in the financial industry both directly and indirectly for over a decade.
We have been debating about the market for years and decided to share our views.

We will discuss, debate, analyze and argue about the Economy as it relates to Financial Markets, the Federal Reserve, Banks, Housing, and everything that may be affected by the current events on Wall Street, Main Street and Capital Hill. Further, there will Special Posts and Articles from our colleagues to keep us intrigued and well informed.

Bernake is quoted as saying "the economy is leveling out". With economic indicators appearing to stabilize, Wall Street is poised to make complete recovery. Nevertheless, the new unemployment numbers say one thing but mean another. Statistics don't tell the whole story - when you zoom into the lives of millions who are still unemployed, but not receiving unemployment checks. The a-la-cart recovery is not all inclusive.

My colleague Charlie Cohn has his spin on what the numbers say to him in the article
"Unemployment, Recession and Recovery".

K Reilly

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