Monday, December 19, 2011

Europe's Deficit Deal Takes Shape: Uncertainty Lingers

The highly anticipated Euro-zone deal, which we thought would positively impact the market failed to do so. There was a knee-jerk reaction to the news with a slight up-tick in the DOW, which indicates bolstered confidence - but this was short lived. As it turned out, before the end of the trading day the Euro had fallen, along with a tripple digit drop in stocks. Uncertainty rippled through the markets creating a domino effect, that finally resulted in a rise in borrowing costs for Italy and Spain alike. Ultimately, it appears that investors were decidedly unimpressed with the Summit deal to control the Europe's fiscal crisis. Economists believe the market rally was deflated due a resurgence of uncertainty surrounding the bailout pact, as it did not include unlimited backstop for the Euro currency.

As the saying goes; "the devil is in the details". The Euro-zone deficit deal has been structured, but economists, investors and stakeholders know its only the beginning. According to Frances's President, Sarkozy, the legal parameters and compliance for the new accord to reinforce the bailout rules are expected to be worked out before Christmas. The longer it takes to put this put this chapter behind them, the more chance for erosion of confidence, currency, and credit rating.

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K. Reilly
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