Monday, October 31, 2011

$700 Million Bank Heist: SEC Investigates Citibank

Did Citbank swipe $700 million from investors? Well according to an SEC filing, which alleges that Citibank sold securitized housing bonds, which they knew were sub-standard, and bet against them, something is definitely amiss. It’s easy to see why Banks are no longer seen as a safe place to invest your money, as a depositor or shareholder.

Citibank, being charged with fraud, is fighting the charges, but Recommended settlement of $285 million is likely going to stick. The SEC asked a federal judge to approve the amount, citing that $285 million would not unfairly punish the shareholders, who were essentially victims of the bank's unethical acts. Of the $285 million, the settlement breaks down as follows: $95 million is the fine, $160 million in for ill-gotten profits and $30 million in interest. We're about 18 months post signing of the Finance Reform Bill, and we're still unraveling the spoils of unbridled greed.

The national Occupy Wall Street Protest was founded on just this type of offensive conduct. I had a feeling that the near collapse of our financial markets in 2008 was the tip of the iceberg, and so far it has proven to be true.

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