Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crimes & Misdemeanors: FBI Closes in on Large Wall St. Funds

The FBI has arrested key members of a ring woking out of several states, including New York. Similar to the Galleon Group, these guys traded information concerning publicly traded companies in an apparent conspiracy to commit insider trading fraud. This ring was so productive, they were able to generate financial gains that rival the Galleon Hedge fund, who's founder recently received an 11 year sentence for insider trading. One of the hedge funds involved, Level Global Investors, raked in over $50 million in gains alone. The court documents state that a ring of traders and analysts, who formed an insider trading club, swapped information that resulted in over $60 millions in illegal profits.
As the voices of "Occupy Wall Street" draw attention to the stark imbalances of the privileged 1%, the fraud saga continues. According to the , Wall Street Journal the government has already prosecuted 63 people on charges of insider trading, yielding 56 guilty pleas or convictions. This marks an unprecedented number of cases procsecuted concerning insider trading in a three year period. Judging by this unrelenting onslought of crimes and Misdemeanors, it would appear that the Finance Reform Act is about as valuable as wall paper. That is not to demean the efforts of law makers or the Obama Administration, its merely a commentary on the industry's commitment to an "any means necessary" approach to capitalism. The only consolation is that the Feds and the SEC seem to be paying closer attention to the activities and trade patterns of hedge funds and other financial institutions that engage in trading. There's fresh optimism about the economic forecast, as job reports and other market indicators send a strong message of recovery. Neverthless, with the reluctance traders, money managers and banks to change their habits to avoid a repeat of a financial collapse, sends another message altogether: They still don't get it, and its likely that they never will.

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