Friday, August 20, 2010

America to Obama:
Time Is a Luxury We do Not have

The country couldn’t be more divided on the key issues like finance reform, and healthcare. Could it be the media, or the tea party rallies, or could it be the voters, who overwhelmingly voted President Obama into the White House on the platform of Healthcare and finance reform, are having a change of heart? Something just does not add up, there has got to me more to this crusade than meets the eye. There is one camp that feels that Obama can do no wrong (with ever declining members) and another camp that feels that Obama can do nothing right. Either side of the fence seems a bit extreme. The fiscal policy, bailouts and stimulus measures implemented by the previous and current administrations have had some impact on stabilizing the economy and avoiding catastrophic collapse of the markets, but we are now faced with slow growth and high unemployment some 18 months later. Patience is what is needed, given the breadth of the problems the President had sitting on his desk on his first day in office. Nevertheless, time is not on his side, with midterm elections around the corner, it seems almost destined to be an upset. The Democratic majority is in serious jeopardy of swinging back to the Republicans.

From my perspective, the fullness of time is required before evidence of the wise and unwise movements of the administration is ultimately revealed. In the meantime, we are hearing from the "so called" experts Obama’s popularity is swiftly eroding, and his administration, though productive in many respects, not in the areas of concern. The wars, new jobs, and now the BP oil disaster. It will take a high profile republican scandal to damper the outcome of the upcoming elections.

K. Reilly
Cohn-Reilly Report

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