Friday, March 11, 2011

Myspace: Down but Not Out

Presently down, but in no way out of the game, Myspace, which is currently owned by News Corp, has hired investment banking firm Allen & Company to sift through the nearly two dozen firms interested in an acquisition or merger with the social networking site. Although Myspace’s popularity has been edged out by Facebook in recent years, it still has over a quarter of a million users. Since the social networking pioneer is free to it members, advertisers and affiliate contracts has been the main source of income, thus revenues began to take off by '2005. We’ve reported how well Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made out with a recent infusion of $1.5 billion via creative financing put together by Goldman Sachs. The Goldman-Zuckerberg finance documents indicated a Facebook value of an astounding $50 billion.

To put it in perspective, of the growing number of social networking sites, Myspace is ranked 3rd - just under Facebook and Twitter. So, what is the likely valuation? By the 2nd quarter of 2007, Myspace was on track to surpass the expected $500 million in revenues, but has since seen revenues decline steadily with intense competition stemming from Facebook and Twitter.

The Wall Street Journal Reported that News Corp is open to merging Myspace with another business in exchange for cash or equity in the merged firm. Myspace is a longway from the solid financial footing of Facebook, but New Corp realizes there is untapped potential in the Myspace brand. Considering the reported 4th quarter losses amounting to over $150 million, how can this, still viable, business be restructured, and re-marketed to emerge profitable once again? I suppose that will be for the winning bidder, and their business strategists to determine.

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